Demonstrate against Dover Police abuse with SEAL PAC

SeaL Meetup member David “Smiley” Montenegro has been campaigning against Dover P.D.’s abuse of power since his wrongful arrest in February. Last Saturday, he was arrested for “disorderly conduct” while setting up one of his regular Seacoast Liberty Police Anti-corruption Campaign (SEAL PAC) sidewalk information tables—with a permit from the Dover town government. See this Foster’s story for more on the arrest.

David has another permit for this Saturday, from 11 to 1. Join in and support him, support the right of the people to peaceably assemble, the right of free speech, and demonstrate against police abuse of power. Try to get there early; last time, the P.D. busted him as he was setting up. You can meet David at the Dover train station (33 Chestnut St.) at 10:45.

David states, “Note: This is intended to be a peaceful, legal, demonstration, and a permit has been obtained for this event. Visitors are welcome to make their own signs, or other items which may be held or worn. If you wish to obstruct traffic or throw firecrackers at the mounted police horses, please just stay home.”

See the SEAL PAC site for more information, or call David at +1.516.345.1072.

If you can’t find the demonstration, look up and down Central Ave. from Washington to Broadway, as the city attorney may have changed the permit. If there is no sign of the demonstration, please continue it on your own at Central and 1st, if you are willing, or look for the other demonstrators inside the police station.

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  1. I don’t think the dover police officers did anything wrong the guy must have done something wrong to get arrested and i kno the captian of the police force cuz hes my dads girlfriends brother

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