Tell Washington to stop printing paper money

Another great letter to the editor by a member of New Hampshire Seacoast Liberty, Bill McNally.  Here’s a brief excerpt:

What is inflation? It is an increase in the money supply. More specifically, inflation is an increase in the supply of money and credit. Inflation is NOT — and never has been — rising prices and rising wages. Instead, these are two of inflation’s most visible damaging effects.

One Response

  1. It’s not DC that’s printing it, it’s the Federal Reserve a private bank that is part of the international cartel of private bankers who now own us. That is where your IRS taxes go. Why was George Soros, internationally convicted criminal, testifying at our hearings on the bailout?

    How does it feel to be making $30K and paying to keep the Warburgs and Rockefellers in the money?

    Now they are suggesting we have a common world currency and that our government be controlled by the banking elitists, not the congress under our constitution.

    We’re doomed.
    Welcome to the New World Order.

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