New Year’s Resolutions

I moved to Portsmouth with the Free State Project First 1000 this past July. The whole point of the Free State Project is for activists to move, not just warm bodies. Still, I gave myself the rest of 2008 to settle in and orient myself. Now that’s done, and I’m gearing up for the New Year.

The first step is that I intend to post once a week here, usually on Tuesdays. The focus will be on local Portsmouth politics. That should keep the pressure on me to actually have done something any given week.

At the state level, the first event is the NHLA bill review. I’ve contacted SeaL members who claim to be in Portsmouth to organize a local review session. If you are interested, please comment here or otherwise contact me.

Locally, I will start by observing city council meetings. As a lifelong New Englander, I know that the worst thing one can do is show up as a newcomer and start yakking away. I will spend at least a few months figuring out what’s what and who’s who. A calendar of local official meetings is on the City’s Web site.

If any Portsmouth residents are interested in joining me in this quest, in trying to keep Portsmouth a vibrant, entertaining city, but without the well-intentioned yet muddleheaded big government that so often accompanies that, please comment here or otherwise contact me.

One Response

  1. Dear Chris,

    It’s great to see you involved in Portsmouth politics. I have great confidence in you to make a difference.

    Best of luck.

    Warm regards, Michael

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