A quiet week

Between the City Council meeting a week ago Monday and the Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers meeting tomorrow, there hasn’t been much to do. (Except NHLA bill review… which I’ll do soon! I promise!)

However, since today (when I started composing this) was inauguration day, I’ll share some of my Hope for Change. I don’t have much of it…

None of us expected a Democratic president to be good. I had hoped, however, that while continuing the damage to the economy, the Obama administration might roll back some of the Bush era’s foreign adventures and civil liberties abuses. The nominations of Hillary Clinton to State, Timothy Geithner to Treasury, Robert Gates to Defense, and Eric Holder to Justice are not promising. Clinton’s a hawk and Gates represents the status quo. Geithner will continue Paulson’s bailout policies, while being a hypocrite on taxes; and while I am not surprised that Holder is an enemy of the Second Amendment, I am disappointed that he is also an enemy of the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, at least when narcotics are involved. At least he knows torture when he sees it…

I have my fingers crossed that the next four years will at least be bad in different ways from the last eight.

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