Back on the stick

The new job is going well, and it is time to stop ignoring the allegedly weekly blog postings. (Funny how “Monday” keeps getting later in the week, though, innit?)

Foster’s Daily Democrat did finally publish my medical marijuana letter (search for my favorite word, “disingenuous”). I invoked St. Peter, whose death still makes me furious and sad.

Last week, I had dinner with M., who got me thinking about more local things to try. I need to look into the details and extent of citizen legislation in this state; it may be possible to direct police priorities. A city can not legally override a state law; for example, Portsmouth can not legalize recreational marijuana use or prostitution. However, a city’s law enforcement apparatus can—and must, realistically—prioritize the crimes it investigates, makes arrests for, and prosecutes. And directing the city not to spend any resources on victimless crimes until all the real crimes are closed can be an effective tactic. The legislation would obviously have to be very tightly worded; many people consider personal narcotic usage and consensual exchange of sex for money to have victims. But it could be an excellent way to reach out to the mostly liberal and left-libertarian residents of Portsmouth, rather than focusing on fiscal issues like a spending cap.

And then I met J., newly moved to Portsmouth, at the Seacoast Liberty Meetup. Her local dog park, apparently, has no trash can, nor do others she knows of. We talked through a few proposals to provide—at citizen initiative, not taxpayer cost—trash receptacles at dog parks throughout the city. It would be an excellent example of how the people can provide solutions to community problems, without waiting for the almighty government to fix them (which usually requires a study to be conducted, a comment period, a public hearing, etc., etc.).

I still have the sneaking suspicion no one actually reads this blog… anyone out there have any good ideas for community solutions to community problems that can help paint libertarians as the good guys we are?

Oy; and I almost forgot. Tonight, the Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers met. I am glad I was there; they would not have had quorum to elect next year’s officers otherwise, but fortunately, I was not shanghaied into any formal role. Next Monday, the City Council will be voting on the budget. It is nominally a zero-increase budget, though that assumes that the state and county won’t mess with anticipated revenue or collection. And it’s also a big fiction relying on the police and fire departments meeting their overtime budgets. I may go to watch the shenanigans. The upcoming municipal elections are essentially when APT does their big thing; people take their endorsements pretty seriously and that’s when they get their donations. I am debating whether to have a liberty-oriented candidates’ forum; I suspect it won’t be worth it, as it would be very, very small, but instead I will go and ask pointed questions at as many fora as I can find.

3 Responses

  1. I read it 🙂

  2. Me too, at least this post (but just found it today).

    Bill Starr
    Columbus, Indiana
    Sun, 28 Jun 2009, 4:31 pm EDT

  3. Yeah, me too. And I don’t even know you or live in your state.

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