APT endorsement announcements

The Association of Porstmouth Taxpayers has announced its 2009 endorsements.

To be clear, APT is not a libertarian group. They—I suppose I should say, we—are focused exclusively on fiscal responsibility. That doesn’t even necessarily mean smaller government; it means that the taxes collected should be used effectively and efficiently. However, they were the closest thing to an existing liberty-leaning group I could find in Portsmouth, and I hope to be an advocate for more non-governmental options there. (For example, I think that a lot of arts and sports programs currently run by the city could be done better by non-profit organizations. The programs could continue, and even improve, but be funded by donations instead of taxes.)

It is a little odd to note that, of the eight candidates running for re-election to City Council, APT has endorsed six. This is really a recognition of the zero budget increase that came through this year, whereas a more strongly libertarian organization would only have endorsed candidates supportive of actual budget cuts.

I will also personally endorse Jack Thorsen; I think he is as good or better than any of the candidates endorsed here.

The process was certainly interesting, and is a good reason for libertarians to get involved with established single-issue groups. Nearly all of the candidates appeared in person for interviews, and it was a good chance to meet and talk with most of the current members of City Council and School Board.

2 Responses

  1. Who can I vote for to end the use of DUI checkpoints in Portsmouth?

  2. Ugh… I wish I knew, Andrew. The APT process was strictly focused on the fiscal side of things. That said, my gut sense is that Thorsen, St. Laurent, and probably Kennedy would support ending the pointless checkpoints, but I can’t really speak for them or for any of the other candidates.

    There is not currently anyone in Portsmouth (as far as I’m aware) focused on those kinds of civil liberties issues. But stay tuned…

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