Thoughts on Crime of the Century

Jason Howard, member of Seacoast Liberty wrote the following based on a beer bust that occurred earlier during the week.

This letter is meant to address the 19 Seacoast area teenagers that were charged in connection with a Saturday  night drinking party on Oct. 10, in Kittery, as reported in the Foster’s Daily Democrat.  I would like to help these teens by giving them the benefit of my years of experience.  I would hope you consider these arrests a wakeup call on how the real world works.  You need to understand that you live in a free country and in a free country you can’t just do what you want, even if what you do does not harm anyone else.  You see, individuals do not have the right to make decisions for themselves.  Only our infallible Govt. has that right.  Our founding fathers understood this principle well.  In fact, the founding fathers overthrew British rule because King George was too far away to effectively control and tyrannize the population of the Colonies so they decided to set one up closer to home. You are ruled over by wise and benevolent masters called politicians and bureaucrats.  Their dictates are enforced by loving men with guns that will threaten you with violence or commit violence against you if you don’t do what they say, even if what you are doing does harm to no one. Alcohol use is evil and a plague upon society.  That is why Politicians and Police Officers in there inestimable wisdom never drink. The evidence of the wisdom of politicians is all around us.  Just look the fabulous condition of our roads, the high quality education of our public schools, and the amazing ability of the Govt. to control spending and reduce the tax burden on the public.  Many of you are legally adults and probably don’t understand how at 18 you are allowed to make the decision to go fight and possibly die for your govt. in the military, but you aren’t allowed make the decision to drink alcohol.  Well, I don’t know the answer to that, but the moral to the story is don’t ever disobey the Govt. or they’ll come get you.

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