Drinking teens learn how our government works

Fellow member of New Hampshire Seacoast Liberty, Jason Howard wrote a great opinion piece entitled “Drinking teens learn how our government works” over here. Here’s a brief excerpt:

I would hope you consider these arrests a wake-up call on how the real world works. You need to understand that you live in a free country and in a free country you can’t just do what you want, even if what you do does not harm anyone else. You see, individuals do not have the right to make decisions for themselves. Only our infallible government has that right.

2 Responses

  1. It’s ironic only in that this guy had filed legislation to protect from the law anyone who was so plastered they needed medical help.

    So there is the hypocrisy.

    Most reps caught underage or drunk driving must step down… why not this guy?

  2. who are you referring to that proposed the legislation?

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