New Hampshire Freedom

Do you care about upholding the New Hampshire Constitution? Do you support the Bill of Rights? If so, it is recommended that you vote for the candidates listed. While all of these candidates are not freedom candidates, they are more pro-liberty than their opponents. For example, to use an old cliche, Gary Johnson isn’t a great choice for President – he is the least bad of the 4 evils on the ballot.

To learn more about a candidate, click on a name to go to a website or email address.

President – Gary Johnson

Governor – Ovide Lamontagne or John Babiarz

NH-1 – Brendan Kelly
NH-2 – Hardy Macia

Executive Council
District 1 – Raymond Burton
District 2 – Michael Tierney
District 3 – Mike Baldassare
District 4 – Robert Burns or Ken Blevens
District 5 – David Wheeler

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New Hampshire Freedom


Jim Forsythe, New Hampshire State Senator and co-chair of the NH Ron Paul Campaign, endorsed Robert Boyle for the New Hampshire House. Senator Forsythe both endorsed Ron Paul and was endorsed by Ron Paul. Sen Forsythe has made other endorsements this campaign season, including an endorsement of Andy Sanborn.

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Check out his website and if you like what you see, help him out.

Here is the full endorsement by Senator Forsythe.

Sen Forsythe Endorses Robert Boyle for NH House

I wholeheartedly support Robert Boyle’s campaign for the New Hampshire House in Rockingham District 31, comprised of Greenland, Newington, North Hampton, and Portsmouth Ward 3. I do this based on his experience as a business owner, his personal beliefs in limited government and personal freedom, and his ability to get things done. Robert is an entrepreneur who has created jobs through…

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Low Tax Candidates Won in Portsmouth

Low Tax Candidates Won in Portsmouth

11-08-2011 Portsmouth Municipal Election Results

In Portsmouth, there was a concentrated effort  to not only get the more pro-liberty candidates elected, but to improve their vote totals.  The effort was led by Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers and others.  All of the APT endorsed candidates were elected.  Even better, while many incumbents received fewer votes than in 2009, all of the APT endorsed incumbents received more voter than in 2009.  The more efficient government candidates on the ballot increased their vote totals by 30%, 18%, 17% and 5% versus the 2009 results.  The candidates in favor of more spending and taxes decreases their vote totals 17%, 8% and 7% respectively.  The only tax and spend candidate to increase his vote total was Councilor Bob Lister.
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Conclusion is clear: Lower taxes aid economy

Seacoast Online ran this opinion article by Jack Thorsen today.

Steve Marchand’s opinion piece (Seacoast Sunday, May 30) on the adverse affect that the electric generator tax would have on New Hampshire economics is an excellent example of the kind of analysis we need for every tax increase that Concord contemplates.

More options

Another letter to the editor ran today, this time in Foster’s Daily Democrat (under the title “More options”).

I agree with the writer that the BCRA stifles free speech — but Republicans and Democrats are equally interested in stifling viewpoints that challenge the existing power structures. Anyone who thinks that the Republican Party is going to work for real change, other than putting themselves at the helm of the great ship of state, is deluding himself.

Third party options in New Hampshire

The Portsmouth Herald ran a letter from me today.

While New Hampshire’s political system is hostile to third parties, with onerous petitioning requirements and very tight deadlines, the options do exist.

While many SeaLs are working for liberty within the major parties, and I wish them luck, it is my opinion that the national organizations are so hostile to liberty as to render those efforts even more futile than third-party options. Stop by the LP of NH table at Liberty Forum this weekend and think about it.

Legalizing pot could be boon for New Hampshire

Fellow member of New Hampshire Seacoast Liberty, Jack Thorsen wrote a great opinion piece entitled “Legalizing pot could be boon for New Hampshire” over here. Here’s a brief excerpt
It is ridiculous that we have people in jail for what is essentially a victimless crime, and the whole process from stake-out to bust to arrest to prosecution to incarceration wastes an enormous amount of time and taxpayer money.