A tax deadline and bored cops

As announced in the Portsmouth Herald, the Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers is meeting tonight to kick off the spending cap project. Check it out on Meetup.com, especially if you’re a Portsmouth resident.

Meanwhile, I’m looking for other locally active groups that are working on libertarian projects, though they need not be libertarian groups overall. One thing that I’ve noticed ever since moving here is that we seem to have a lot of bored cops, and I wonder if anyone is working on reducing the size or scope of the Portsmouth Police Department. I appreciate that we have a lot of bars downtown, which bring in folks from around the area, some of whom get drunk and disorderly, and that we have a lot of tourists in the summer, some of whom cause trouble and some of whom are victims of trouble. But apparently Portsmouth’s Finest has time to run obtrusive and un-Constitutional (regardless of what the Supreme Court says; they got this wrong) drunk driving checkpoints that result in citations for fewer than 1% of the vehicles stopped. Today, the Portsmouth Herald reported that they don’t even know what they’re doing at the checkpoints. I have to wonder if we couldn’t get by with fewer police officers, especially in the off-season.

Anyone have any pointers to Portsmouth local groups working on the issue?