Low Tax Candidates Won in Portsmouth

Low Tax Candidates Won in Portsmouth

11-08-2011 Portsmouth Municipal Election Results

In Portsmouth, there was a concentrated effort  to not only get the more pro-liberty candidates elected, but to improve their vote totals.  The effort was led by Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers and others.  All of the APT endorsed candidates were elected.  Even better, while many incumbents received fewer votes than in 2009, all of the APT endorsed incumbents received more voter than in 2009.  The more efficient government candidates on the ballot increased their vote totals by 30%, 18%, 17% and 5% versus the 2009 results.  The candidates in favor of more spending and taxes decreases their vote totals 17%, 8% and 7% respectively.  The only tax and spend candidate to increase his vote total was Councilor Bob Lister.
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Portsmouth election returns

The bad news is that neither serious fiscal conservative, Jack Thorsen or Bill St. Laurent, was elected to City Council. The incumbents endorsed by the Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers all were returned, so here’s hoping they live up to their rhetoric. Promising newcomer Tom Martin was elected to the School Board, so that’s something.

The City Council numbers are very interesting. There is a clear division between the top eleven and the bottom three. Incumbent Laura Pantelakos and previous councilman St. Laurent finished a few hundred behind the last elected council member; then there is a big drop-off of nearly 500 votes to the last three. Ryan Baker and Jack Thorsen would have been newcomers to Portsmouth elected office, and David Adams’s previous experience was only on the Historic District Commission. The two newly-elected council members are Tony Coviello, a veteran of the Planning Committee who was encouraged to run by the mayor, and Bob Lister, who was the School Superintendent for years.

It shows, to me, the parochial nature of local politics. To get elected, one must already have some kind of profile; that means getting appointed to some board or other, or having a very large and strong community support network. Running as a maverick may be satisfying, but is unlikely to be successful.

Meanwhile, I see that our neighbors to the east have voted to continue marriage apartheid. The silver lining is that perhaps it will drive Down Easters who value personal liberty to the Free State.

Voting time!

Unless you’re one of the voluntaryists who has given up on the state altogether, tomorrow is an important day! Cities in New Hampshire all have their municipal elections.

Get out and vote! If you can take time off work, go hold a sign for a candidate or two. If you’re in Portsmouth, help David inform the voters about taxers.

I will be voting for Jack Thorsen, Bill St. Laurent, and Esther Kennedy for City Council, and Tom Martin for School Board. There are other candidates whom I find acceptable, though not great, but with a multiple-seat election like this, limiting one’s votes increases their strength.

Autumn is here

And with it, the silly season is upon us. Local elections in Portsmouth are gearing up. No idea yet whether any of the candidates are any good.

The good news is that the Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers is interviewing all of the candidates, possibly at an open forum, depending on how many volunteers step up. Either way, I have volunteered to be part of that, so I should get a better sense of the candidates.

The other piece of news is that the APT needs members, both to boost its clout, and to fund its advertising of the results of the interviews. If you are a Portsmouth Taxpayer, consider joining; it’s only $10. See their contact info, or drop me a line.

Also, now that summer seems over, I am hoping to get back to posting. Ironic that as soon as people commented saying they actually read my posts, I fled in terror… The reality is that I am starting to have a life here in Portsmouth, and a job that makes me keep regular hours.