An Open Letter to Foster’s Daily Democrat

Foster’s Daily Democrat, a newspaper based in Dover NH, has been printing official editorials criticizing the Free State Project. Native New Hampshirite Dan Davis submitted the following as an op/ed in response. Foster’s refused to run it. – Mike Vine

As a lifelong NH resident, I am disappointed with recent Foster’s editorials which incorrectly demonize the Free State Project. The paper continually mischaracterizes the FSP as a monolithic force, whose members are conspiring to “take over NH.”

A few weeks ago, an editorial accused some office-seekers with FSP connections of dishonesty because they ran as Republicans rather than as Libertarians. The reality is that the political establishment in NH has created enormous barriers to third-party participation, so it no surprise that these candidates chose the path of least resistance.

Is Foster’s suggesting that there should be some sort of litmus test of party purity in lieu of building coalitions, or do they merely oppose the right of free association? If Foster’s editors truly care about accuracy in party labels, maybe they should consider endorsing a reform like approval voting, which gets rid of “wasted votes” and allows more parties to compete.

Another editorial, on March 3rd, conjured additional “proof” of FSP duplicity. Carla Gericke, president of the FSP, recently declared that she would like to trigger the move of 20,000 Free State Project participants in 2 years rather than 5. Foster’s called this “suspicious” since such a timetable could impact the 2016 elections. To which I say: So what? If these people move to our state, then they have the right to vote like anyone else.

Gericke also mentioned seeking 501(c)3 charitable status to facilitate the FSP goal. Foster’s characterizes this as deception by a group that they perceive merely as advocates for specific political actions, or particular candidates. But as an organization, FSP’s only goal is to encourage 20,000 liberty activists to move to NH. They don’t even define what makes a person a “liberty activist.”

The editorial itself explains that the IRS will not grant 501(c)3 status to groups primarily engaged in political action. That the FSP would apply for tax exempt non-profit status is hardly “political skullduggery.”

In short, Foster’s efforts to portray the FSP as a secretive cabal have backfired with this native; such attacks fortify my support for these idealistic underdogs. After all, the libertarian principles of non- aggression, self-ownership, and personal responsibility are completely consistent with the values we hold dear in NH.

Dan Davis
Kensington NH

Conclusion is clear: Lower taxes aid economy

Seacoast Online ran this opinion article by Jack Thorsen today.

Steve Marchand’s opinion piece (Seacoast Sunday, May 30) on the adverse affect that the electric generator tax would have on New Hampshire economics is an excellent example of the kind of analysis we need for every tax increase that Concord contemplates.

More options

Another letter to the editor ran today, this time in Foster’s Daily Democrat (under the title “More options”).

I agree with the writer that the BCRA stifles free speech — but Republicans and Democrats are equally interested in stifling viewpoints that challenge the existing power structures. Anyone who thinks that the Republican Party is going to work for real change, other than putting themselves at the helm of the great ship of state, is deluding himself.

Third party options in New Hampshire

The Portsmouth Herald ran a letter from me today.

While New Hampshire’s political system is hostile to third parties, with onerous petitioning requirements and very tight deadlines, the options do exist.

While many SeaLs are working for liberty within the major parties, and I wish them luck, it is my opinion that the national organizations are so hostile to liberty as to render those efforts even more futile than third-party options. Stop by the LP of NH table at Liberty Forum this weekend and think about it.

Legalizing pot could be boon for New Hampshire

Fellow member of New Hampshire Seacoast Liberty, Jack Thorsen wrote a great opinion piece entitled “Legalizing pot could be boon for New Hampshire” over here. Here’s a brief excerpt
It is ridiculous that we have people in jail for what is essentially a victimless crime, and the whole process from stake-out to bust to arrest to prosecution to incarceration wastes an enormous amount of time and taxpayer money.

Americans are quite capable of self-governing

Fellow member of New Hampshire Seacoast Liberty, Jack Thorsen wrote a great opinion piece entitled “Americans are quite capable of self-governing” over here. Here’s a brief excerpt:

The American people are fed up with paternalistic over-reaching government, and we are starting to shout, “Enough is enough!” Freedom is the unifying factor missing from today’s divisive political dialogue.

Thoughts on Crime of the Century

Jason Howard, member of Seacoast Liberty wrote the following based on a beer bust that occurred earlier during the week.

This letter is meant to address the 19 Seacoast area teenagers that were charged in connection with a Saturday  night drinking party on Oct. 10, in Kittery, as reported in the Foster’s Daily Democrat.  I would like to help these teens by giving them the benefit of my years of experience.  I would hope you consider these arrests a wakeup call on how the real world works.  You need to understand that you live in a free country and in a free country you can’t just do what you want, even if what you do does not harm anyone else.  You see, individuals do not have the right to make decisions for themselves.  Only our infallible Govt. has that right.  Our founding fathers understood this principle well.  In fact, the founding fathers overthrew British rule because King George was too far away to effectively control and tyrannize the population of the Colonies so they decided to set one up closer to home. You are ruled over by wise and benevolent masters called politicians and bureaucrats.  Their dictates are enforced by loving men with guns that will threaten you with violence or commit violence against you if you don’t do what they say, even if what you are doing does harm to no one. Alcohol use is evil and a plague upon society.  That is why Politicians and Police Officers in there inestimable wisdom never drink. The evidence of the wisdom of politicians is all around us.  Just look the fabulous condition of our roads, the high quality education of our public schools, and the amazing ability of the Govt. to control spending and reduce the tax burden on the public.  Many of you are legally adults and probably don’t understand how at 18 you are allowed to make the decision to go fight and possibly die for your govt. in the military, but you aren’t allowed make the decision to drink alcohol.  Well, I don’t know the answer to that, but the moral to the story is don’t ever disobey the Govt. or they’ll come get you.