More options

Another letter to the editor ran today, this time in Foster’s Daily Democrat (under the title “More options”).

I agree with the writer that the BCRA stifles free speech — but Republicans and Democrats are equally interested in stifling viewpoints that challenge the existing power structures. Anyone who thinks that the Republican Party is going to work for real change, other than putting themselves at the helm of the great ship of state, is deluding himself.

Third party options in New Hampshire

The Portsmouth Herald ran a letter from me today.

While New Hampshire’s political system is hostile to third parties, with onerous petitioning requirements and very tight deadlines, the options do exist.

While many SeaLs are working for liberty within the major parties, and I wish them luck, it is my opinion that the national organizations are so hostile to liberty as to render those efforts even more futile than third-party options. Stop by the LP of NH table at Liberty Forum this weekend and think about it.