New Hampshire HCR 6 Rally

Below is video footage from today’s HCR6 Rally in Concord, New Hampshire.  As noted, there were about 350 people (some accounts state over 500 as there were additional people in the State House passing out information regarding the resolution) in the cold weather at 8am.

While the rally went well, the resolution did not pass (see how your representative voted here) which was not too much of  a surprise.  It is wonderful news though now that we know who doesn’t understand this resolution, as well as the encouraging news to see states all across the union bringing similar resolutions up in their state legislative bodies.

New Hampshire 2009 Legislative Session

The 2009 House Bills for this years New Hampshire legislative session are trickling in and are ready to be reviewed!  For those of you that have been trained to utilize the NHLA Bill Review system, please begin reviewing them at your leisure.

If you have not reviewed bills in the past for the NHLA and are interested, please contact the NHLA.   I fully anticipate that we will have further training sessions as well as bill review get togethers on the Seacoast.

Attention NHLA Members!

New Hampshire Liberty AllianceIn the December New Hampshire Liberty Alliance newsletter, there is a call for volunteers.

Bill Review Committee Chairman:  These volunteers would serve as the main coordinator and go-to person for each Standing Committee (e.g. Fish & Game, Finance, Commerce, etc.).  For more details, please visit the NHLA forum.

Issue Activism Coordinators:  These volunteers would coordinate the specific issues that they are specifically passionate about (e.g. Taxes, Income Tax, Firearms, etc.).  For more details, please visit the NHLA forum.

Not a member of New Hampshire Liberty Alliance?  Then join today, registration only takes a few minutes and basic membership is free!

Rally for Seatbelt Freedom

New Hampshire Liberty AllianceDate: Tuesday, December 16, 2008
Time: 10:00am – 12:00pm
Location: LOB 204, 33 N State Street Concord, NH
Street: 33 N State Street
City/Town: Concord, NH

WHAT: PROTEST the “Seat Belt Commission” Press Conference!
WHEN: 10 AM, Tues., Dec 16th
WHERE: LOB 204, 33 N State Street, Concord

The “Seat Belt Commission” issued its sad, shameful report a few months ago, in which they call for a primary-offense seat belt law in the State of New Hampshire.

Now the Chair of the commission wants to have a big Press Conference to get the news media to start spreading the story that “the time has come for NH to have a seat belt law” — to make the argument seem inevitable, so those of us who oppose this law will be too demoralized to fight back.

Don’t let them win. Don’t let them treat you like a child. Don’t let them take away your rights!

We can show the press that there is STRONG OPPOSITION to this horrible and controlling authoritarian nanny-state idea. Make the REAL news of the press conference be about how many PRO-FREEDOM protesters were present!

Denis will be there, with big label stickers for pro-freedom people to wear: “DON’T RESTRAIN CHOICE!”

NHLA Bill Review Training

New Hampshire Liberty Alliance

The Gold Standard (the NHLA weekly list of pro-liberty and anti-liberty bills coming up for vote) will be starting up again in January, and you know what that means – we need bill reviewers! Please contact Jeremy at if you’d like to help review bills.

The NHLA be holding a training session on Saturday, December 13, 1:00pm – 4:00pm at Murphy’s Taproom (click here for directions). We’re also looking to schedule another training session sometime in early December, at another location.