New Hampshire Seacoast Liberty

SeaL (aka Seacoast Liberty) was formed out of the recognition that there was a strong necessity to keep the active and vital Ron Paul supporters plugged in with each other after the 2008 presidential primaries were over.

It was realized that losing active liberty advocates to the cyber graveyard would not bode well for the liberty cause.

Most of our members supported Ron Paul in the primaries, however, this is absolutely not a requisite to be a member of SeaL. In fact, we have apolitical members as well.

For most people, our lives revolve around our homes. It was obvious that starting a group which was local and convenient for people to be able to participate in locally and regularly was ideal.

The objective of keeping the group local was to concentrate efforts and maximize personal interaction. So far, the effect has been successful.

The value of making friends who share in the principles of liberty helps to expedite the advancement of the liberty cause. By having people around you who share in the reciprocation of trust, respect and dependability has proven a great benefit for our SeaL community.

We are proponents of limited government, advocates of personal responsibility and champions of the free market.

Topics of discussion at any time can include but are never limited to: gun rights, home schooling, politics, social and political theory, history, current events and even food!

We believe what makes us unique is the fact that liberty pertains to individuals. We believe we are united in our individuality by the principals of liberty.

At a typical SeaL meeting, you can expect to meet and enjoy the company of fantastic people, whether at our various homes or out patronizing local establishments, we share in the exchange of thoughts and ideas and indulge in great food and drink. Once per month, we have an informally structured meeting to disseminate information and to provide direction and resources for activists. Our meetings and gatherings are family friendly.

This group is appropriate for all individuals of all ages, from all walks of life.

To learn more, please visit our calendar of events.

New Hampshire Seacoast Liberty