2013 Seacoast Region City Election Results

Results of the 2013 Seacoast Region city elections for Dover, Portsmouth, Rochester and Somersworth via the New Hampshire Freedom blog.

Dover – In Dover, Karen Weston, a small business owner and supporter of the Dover tax cap, beat Rocky D’Andrea in the mayoral race. While Rocky D’Andrea, a Republican also supported the tax cap, the local taxpayer advocates pushed for Karen Weston. Most of the other taxpayer supported candidates lost.

Portsmouth – Republican Jack Thorsen, known as a strong fiscal conservative, won reelection to the Portsmouth City Council on Tuesday. In 2011 he had 1,098 votes in a in a 11 way race for 9 seats. In 2013 he had 1,693 votes in a 23 way race for 9 seats. Jack and 5 other city council candidates were endorsed by the Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers. Two more of them, Esther E. Kennedy and Zelita F. Morgan were also elected. Ken Smith, who famously took the APT tax pledge in 2009 and then turned around and voted to increase taxes lost some support between the 2009 election and 2011 election. On Tuesday, voters told him that he was was no longer wanted as he lost his reelection bid. See the Portsmouth city website for all of the results.

Rochester- Several pretty good candidates won in Rochester including:
Don Hamann City Council Rochester Ward 4
Mac Kittredge City Council Ward 6
Kathy Dunton School Committeeman at large
Ray Turner School Committeeman Ward 2

Somersworth- Taxpayer advocate Matt Spencer lost the mayoral race in Somersworth.

Seacoast Region Candidate Suggestions for 11-5-13 City Election

UPDATE: Click here for the 2013 city election results https://nhseacoastliberty.wordpress.com/2013/11/10/2013-seacoast-region-city-election-results

Here some possible Seacoast Region Candidate Suggestions via the New Hampshire Freedom blog for the city elections on Tuesday, 11-5-13. Please consider doing your own research if possible, telling your friends and voting on Tuesday.

Dover – someone else made possible recommendations in the comments section of the above mentioned blog.

Jack D. Thorsen City Council Portsmouth (At Large)
More info: http://www.cityofportsmouth.com/cityclerk/voteinfo.htm

Fred Leonard Rochester Mayor
Tom Kaczynski City Council Rochester Ward 1
Dave Cope City Council Rochester Ward 2
Don Hamann City Council Rochester Ward 4
Kathy Dunton School Committeeman Rochester (At Large)
Ray Turner School Committeeman Rochester Ward 2
More info: http://www.rochesternh.net/Public_Documents/RochesterNH_Clerk/index

Matt Spencer Somersworth Mayor
More info: http://www.somersworth.com/municipal-election/