Autumn is here

And with it, the silly season is upon us. Local elections in Portsmouth are gearing up. No idea yet whether any of the candidates are any good.

The good news is that the Association of Portsmouth Taxpayers is interviewing all of the candidates, possibly at an open forum, depending on how many volunteers step up. Either way, I have volunteered to be part of that, so I should get a better sense of the candidates.

The other piece of news is that the APT needs members, both to boost its clout, and to fund its advertising of the results of the interviews. If you are a Portsmouth Taxpayer, consider joining; it’s only $10. See their contact info, or drop me a line.

Also, now that summer seems over, I am hoping to get back to posting. Ironic that as soon as people commented saying they actually read my posts, I fled in terror… The reality is that I am starting to have a life here in Portsmouth, and a job that makes me keep regular hours.

3 Responses

  1. Never fear. We have some local candidates lining up here in Portsmouth. Should be interesting. Should be fun!

  2. regular working hours suck man! is there anything we can do to help find out more info about local candidates? is there going to be any sort of public event, like a debate or something?

  3. Jared, whether the APT hosts a forum or holds private interviews will depend a lot on what kind of volunteers are available. More volunteers means a bigger event!

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